Barrie Projects specializes in working with clients to realize their own unique projects—large or small. No cultural plans are simple. Complexities abound at any scale when people in organizations or institutions are making a leap of faith to develop something new—whether it’s a project that no one has ever done before—or a project that they have never done before.

Barrie Projects’ strength is in developing unusual or unexpected concepts, like museums about music or spying or organized crime, or turning a traditional museum’s holdings into something dynamic and engaging for young audiences, or re-visioning a university campus using the format of “A Catalog of Ideas” to stimulate new thinking.

We excel at bringing a wide variety of expertise to projects and are recognized for innovative approaches to building the client’s dreams. Once that vision is formed, we take a clear-eyed approach and produce a hard-nosed analysis of the project’s viability before proceeding to the next phases. We work with clients at all steps in the development process—from the very earliest concepts through design development, implementation, opening day and on-going programming.

Working with existing organizations, Barrie Projects takes the lead in making their ambitions and goals achievable, giving staff the room to continue to do their day to day activities, while working together on significant institutional changes.

With brand new endeavors, Barrie Project essentially becomes the staff—bringing experienced and professional viewpoints to each aspect of the project. As the new staff is hired, we remain to support all phases of transition.

The two principals, Kathleen and Dennis Barrie, bring their varied experiences to each project. They assemble teams of talented and innovative thinkers and designers—for each project. A customized approach is essential to insure a perspective that is both experienced and fresh for each client. Barrie Projects conducts the necessary research, analysis and due diligence to understand the potential for each project as well as its unique context.